Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: The Thanksgiving Cut Short

"We killed that Turkey!"  Steve belts from the kitchen.  His first attempt at cooking one, and did a damn fine job at it.  There's five of us at Steve's, having a small Thanksgiving gathering for those who can't go home for the holidays.  For me, if you can't spend the holidays with family, getting a group of great friends and food is the next best.  Sweet potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and something called 'Watergate salad' by Rachel who made all three.  The latter was a dish of pistachio pudding, whip cream and marshmallows.  I dig whip cream and sugar, so I happily dug into the alien green custard.  Really good times, we even went around the table to give 3 things that each of us were thankful for, something I've never done at Thanksgiving.  It reminded me of the holidays back when I was growing up, southern-style food and good times.

We all sat down on the couch watching the game, and random YouTube videos after the meal for the obligatory turkey induced coma.  "PJ, can you take me home?"  I paused as it took a second for the statement to register.  "You need to go?", I asked.  "Yeah, I have to work at 7 am tomorrow for Black Friday.", Samantha with a mildly defeated look.  "Yeah, no problem... I'll take you home."  So I did.

After I dropped her off, I went through my friends in my head.... One after the other I'm finding that they are nearly all working massive shifts today (Black Friday).  One friend who works at Sears is required to work 3 consecutive shifts today.  Oh, and he is not allowed to take 'any' time off between now and the new year.  Guess he won't be seeing his family this year, or next, or after that.

I guess all I want to ask is this...  Are we happy?  Is all of this worth it so some corporations can turn a profit today?  Are we doing the right thing?  What has happened to us as a people?  

Are we willing to let go of the only holiday where we are grateful for what we have, and replace it with this:

"Sounds kinda crazy.  They act like animals.  Just to buy something for $5, save $5, they actually murdered this guy.  You know, it's ridiculous."  

You know what man, it is kinda crazy and I think it should change.

Have a fantastic holiday,
and please take a moment to be grateful today.

Thank you,
--Paul Jacob Evans

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