Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Shorts! (Agent Stone & Murder for Dummies)

Hey Everyone!  I've been hard at work making shorts for!  Here are a few of my latest ones.

Agent Stone: The Feast of Shadow

Dr. Nightmare has Agent Stone in her secret underground lair.  Agent Stone has the launch codes, but the Dr. knows Stone's one and only crippling fear.

Action ZERO!
Genre: Action
Time Limit: 1:30
'An absolutely badass action hero turns out to have an irrational fear of "blank".  Does it get in the way of a mission?  How does he react?  If so what happens?


Murder for Dummies

A Scorned Ex-lover takes the ultimate revenge.  It's a bad idea to piss off a witch.

Friday the 13th Haiku
Genre: Haiku
Time Limit: 0:17
Create a "Friday the 13th" themed VIDEO HAIKU! Bad things normally happen on Friday the 13th.  A video haiku is a 3 shot film.  1st shot is 5 sec., next shot is 7 sec, final shot is 5 seconds.


Have a fantastic day!
--Paul Jacob Evans

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